DCE Competition Winner Announced


Photo taken by A. Simon Pickard

On Friday, 16 September 2016 at the 33rd EuroQol Plenary Meeting in Berlin, Germany, Kim Rand-Hendriksen (left) and Benjamin Craig (center) announced that “Discreetly Charming Econometricians” led by Michał Jakubczyk (right) won the 2016 EQ DCE Predictive Modeling Competition. In this competition, 18 teams registered and received the exploratory data in April 2016. After the teams submitted their predictions for a confirmatory data in July, the confirmatory study was fielded.  Based on the confirmatory data, the victorious team achieved the lowest chi square, greatest concordance and fewest number of rejected predictions. Thank you to all teams that participated and to the EuroQol Research Foundation for their support.  A review of all findings may be presented at the EuroQol Mid-Year Meeting, 6-8 March 2017, Noordwijk, the Netherlands.  For more information: http://iahpr.org/eq-dce-competition/