Kirsten Howard was elected to the IAHPR Foundation Board

The 35 tenured members ranked the three candidates, Kirsten Howard, Elly Stolk and Mark Oppe, as part of the annual registration process. According to the rankings, Kirsten Howard is preferred over Elly Stolk by 20 out of 35 members (57%) and preferred over Mark Oppe by 23 out of 35 members (66%). Therefore, Kirsten Howard was elected by the tenured members to serve as a Director on the IAHPR Foundation Board starting in January 2017. We thank Elly Stolk and Mark Oppe for their candidacy and recommend that they step forward the next time we have an open position on the Foundation Board. As a means of introduction, the nomination statement of Kirsten Howard is below.

This was the first election of a Director to the IAHPR Foundation Board. Previously, meeting chairs were appointed as Directors, namely Benjamin M. Craig, Axel C. Mühlbacher, Emily Lancsar, and Derek S. Brown. In 2016, the Academy meetings started have two co-Chairs, which necessitated an election to choose among the candidates and increase the number of Directors from four to five. As per the bylaws, only members in good standing who have chaired a meeting may serve as a Director.

Nomination Statement
Kirsten Howard, BSc(Hons I), MAppSc, MPH, MHlthEc, PhD

Current Role
I am Professor of Health Economics in the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, and SubDean of Research in the Faculty of Medicine. My research focuses on methodological and applied health economics research predominantly in the areas of assessment of patient and consumer preferences using discrete choice (DCE) and as well as in economic evaluation and modelling. I have considerable experience in the assessment of patient and consumer preferences, in areas as diverse as cancer screening, consumer engagement in HTA decision making, labour induction, aged care services, exercise interventions for older people, dialysis and organ donation and allocation policy. I have been a member of the Economics Sub Committee of the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee since 2005. I have an undergraduate honours degree in pharmacology, and Masters level qualifications in biopharmaceuticals, public health and health economics, and a PhD in health economics.

Contribution to discipline of patient and consumer preference research and IAHPR
I have been a member of IAHPR since its inception. I contribute to the organization by participating in scientific review, and recently co-chaired the 5th IAHPR meeting in Singapore. In addition, I contribute to the discipline via presentation of preference and choice modelling at other international meetings, including IHEA, the International Choice Modelling Conference, and also at clinical conferences, for example, transplantation, organ donation, nephrology, and falls prevention conferences. I am also involved in a wide range of multidisciplinary grants that incorporate novel applications of these methods in health and medical research. These activities expand the audience being exposed to preference research and its methods, and contribute to the broadening and development and reach of the discipline and associated methods. I am also a member of the International Academic Committee for the 5th International Choice Modelling Conference in Cape Town in 2017. Given my contributions to IAHPR, the discipline and my ongoing research and capacity development activities, I would appreciate an opportunity to formally participate on the Board.

I will work to support the further development of methods and application of patient and consumer preference research via my ongoing activities. Given the growing interest in this methodology in the Asia Pacific region, I am geographically placed to make a contribution to this continued development. I will champion new initiatives important to the objectives of the IAHPR, and continue to encourage cross discipline collaboration and methodological development.