Launch of the Health Preference Study and Technology Registry (

The Health Preference Study and Technology Registry has been launched. Registering on can take as little as five minutes.  Without a doubt, this has been the largest collaborative endeavor that our Academy has yet undertaken. Along with the IAHPR members, the Academy thanks Chris Carswell, Bennett Levitan, Ernest H. Law, Winter Maxwell Thayer, and Max Masnick for their assistance with beta testing. Like our meetings and other collaborative initiatives, HPSTR will serve as an enduring contribution to the field.

Although the Academy feels proud of its accomplishments over the last three years, it is important to recognize that HPSTR will require consistent support so that it can best serve our mission: “to improve decisions about health and healthcare throughout the world by developing, promoting, and supporting health preference research with the widest possible applicability.” Over the next three years, the Academy plans:

(1) to register every published health preference study and technology (old and new);
(2) to pursue the endorsements of journals, sponsors, regulatory agencies, and other organizations involved in health preference research; and
(3) to build and disseminate further resources from this platform, including a certification program, a survey database, and a series of educational resources (e.g., textbook, webinars, and workshops).