IAHPR Development Committee:
Health Preference Study and Technology Registry

Applicable to a wide range of research and applications, the Health Preference Study and Technology Registry (HPSTR™) is a registry of studies and technologies from around the world. This registry is currently under beta testing and was launched on 1 March 2017.For more information: CLICK HERE

Design Certification Program

Principal investigators and/or sponsors can submit their design of a health preference study or technology to be reviewed by a tailored panel of IAHPR members. This process is arranged by the IAHPR Foundation; however, the evaluation is controlled entirely by the Faculty. Aside from providing timely feedback, the certificate may serve as an indicator of quality in design.

IAHPR Publications Committee:
Book on “Methods in Health Preference Research”

Health preference research is dedicated to understanding the value of health and health-related goods and services. This book is a how-to guide and teaching tool, listing the major decisions and crucial steps involved in developing and conducting survey-based, health preference studies. Its steps should facilitate and promote the quality of such a preference study over its whole length. Aside from design, execution and analysis, the book emphasizes the interpretation, dissemination, and application of preference evidence to inform decisions on health and healthcare. At this time, the book proposal is being reviewed by potential publishers and its writing will begin in the Fall and be inclusive of all IAHPR members.

Papers on Symposium Insights

Each IAHPR meeting hosts a symposium on a topic of high interest within the Academy. The co-chairs of each meeting are responsible for writing of a brief summary of the discussion and submitting it for peer-review publication so that researchers within the broader HPR community can benefit from their insights. Titles include:
Preference Evidence for Regulatory Decisions – Boston, 6 July 2017
The Econometrics of Preference Heterogeneity – Glasgow, 3 November 2017
Design of Discrete Choice Experiments – Hobart, 27 September 2018
Support Tools for Preference-Sensitive Decisions – Montréal, 14 October 2018

Past Collaborations

Papers on Health Preference Research

To provide an overview of the field, the Faculty wrote six brief papers on health preference research. Jan Ostermann and Benjamin Craig are the co-editors for this series of papers and the IAHPR Office coordinated the efforts of those who expressed interest in assisting with them. These papers briefly define Health Preference Research as a emerging field and its relevance for regulatory policy, medical recommendations and clinical practice. The papers have been published in the Patient – Patient-centered Outcomes Research: CLICK HERE

EQ DCE Predictive Modeling Competition

In 2016, the Academy hosted a predictive modeling competition through the support of a grant from the EuroQol Research Foundation. Coming from all over the world, teams registered and submitted their predictions. After posting these predictions, Drs. Craig and Rand-Hendriksen conducted the confirmatory survey. The team with the “best” predictions (i.e., smallest chi square) was announced at the 2016 EuroQol Plenary Meeting. For more information: CLICK HERE